Xuezhang (Upperclassman) (学长 Xuézhǎng) is the unnamed upperclassman whose love interest is Qin Xiong. He attends Second High.

Appearance Edit

Xuezhang (upperclassman) looks intimidating due to his very large build and strong facial features. He has short ash brown hair and stubble on his chin.

Personality Edit

Despite his intimidating appearance, Xuezhang (upperclassman) is a good and stoic person who quietly wants his affections returned by his underclassman Qin Xiong. He also showcases an intolerance to bullies when he intervened student gangsters from another school bullying a South High student.[1]

Relationships Edit

Qin Xiong Edit

It was revealed that Xuezhang (upperclassman) has affections towards Qin Xiong when he gave him a yellow umbrella which had the characters "I like you".[2]

Gallery Edit

  • Chapter 75
  • Chapter 71
  • Chapter 35 - umbrella given to qin xiong
  • Chapter 75

References Edit

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